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Alpina has been, for many decades, a reference in professional pilot watches. In the first 50 years of the last century, Alpina Watches Melbourne Replica was the official supplier for military aviation watches to continental air forces and since then the brand has carried on the tradition of manufacturing reliable and precise pilot timepieces. The brand answer to the pilot’s demands by proposing shock-resistance or anti-magnetic cases. Obviously concerned by high quality instruments, and their watches are not an exception.

Startimer Pilot Quartz

The luminous hands are a slender, curved sword style with a pole seconds hand that once again features the reddish Alpina triangle, now as a counterweight. Dial printing of the Alpina logo and signature is big, though awarded the 44mm situation and ample dial real estate, it isn’t overpowering. Overall, the dial is effective and appealing. Some may take offense at the replica of Alpina’s triangle which appears no less than three times in the dial and hands however, quite frankly, that is simply how Alpina rolls and you see their logo everywhere in their own collection. The inclusion of an anti-reflective sapphire crystal ensures unfettered viewing of this dial despite varying lighting conditions.Moving to the circumstance, which can be 44mm by 10.7mm in size with a brushed finish and a very minimal pragmatic layout, we see again how Alpina are paying homage to important pilot’s watches of times long ago. Absent are any intricacies in alternating finish or complex case shapes or bevels. The instrument watch feel is evident here and gives the watch a no-nonsense aesthetic which plays to the pilot’s view concept. A simple but neatly engraved case back increases the pragmatic concept. A minor issue for me is using instance plating on two of those four variations of the Startimer Pilot Automatic. While I understand the drive to make a “golden” and a “titanium” version, I believe the notion of case plating is a little distasteful for some who understand this plating can easily wear off with use, particularly on a tool watch.

Startimer Pilot Quartz

The five new Startimer Pilot Quartz mix watchmaking excellence with practical functions, providing the ideal combination between practicality and craftsmanship. With these new versions, Alpina Watches 2014 Replica continues to respect the pilot watch and its key characteristics such as the oversized indexes and luminous treatment on the hands and the highly color-contrasted dials; major features that define a pilot’s watch and provide optimal readability. The 42mm case is available in two styles, either stainless steel or black PVD-treated stainless steel. The case is smaller than the usual 44mm pilot watches’ cases turning it into the perfect watch for daily wear. These versions are available with different types of strap, either nylon or stainless steel bracelets.

Startimer Pilot Quartz

Thw watch is proposed with prices starting at 495 CHF.

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